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How do I get the special hotel room rate?

Every year, we set aside a block of rooms at a greatly discounted rate for our festival goers. The Henry Clay is literally connected to the Hilton Garden Inn - click here for our exclusive special rates! Guests can also call the hotel directly at 502.584.5175 - use the code LTF20.


Is there parking?

The Clay Commons public garage is located directly behind The Henry Clay with access from Chestnut St. There are also surface parking lots located directly across from The Henry Clay on Third and Chestnut Streets. Together these options offer over 900 parking spaces. We are offering a huge parking discount: $15 for all three Festival days. (Sign-up available at time of registration; no individual days available.) Once you arrive at the Festival itself, pick up your parking voucher at the registration desk - to be placed behind the windshield of your vehicle.


How do I get from the airport to the festival?

Louisville International Airport is only 7 miles from The Henry Clay. A cab from the airport is about a 15-20 min. ride (and costs about $20).


I'm a novice/beginner, should I attend the festival? Will I be able to participate if I do?

Absolutely! We have a five-course beginner workshop that takes place through the whole weekend to help you learn. There will be a special novice Milonga on Friday to prepare you for the evening Milongas. For more information click here!


What do I need besides my dance shoes?

Have some cash on hand (for the bar, food, private lessons, etc). 


When you arrive, swing by the Registration Table to pick up your wrist band, hand stamp, and/or ticket (depending on your registration). Keep these on you at all times. (They are not transferable. If lost, you may be charged a replacement fee.)


I want to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee...

Muhammad Ali! The world's biggest baseball bat! Churchill Downs! For more on all that Louisville has to offer, click here.

For more on Louisville's vibrant culinary scene, click here. And for more on the Farm to Table movement, click here


Whom do I thank for making this festival possible?

It might take two to tango, but it takes far more than that to make our festival possible.

Besides our world-class instructors, musicians, and DJs, we'd like to give a very special thanks to all our LTF Committee Members:

Event Planning & Operations


Christy Byers, Festival Chair

Dr. James Odell, Co-Chair

Steven Russell, Treasurer

Ed Hopson, Sponsorships

Michael Shea, Sponsorships

Marion Webb, Social Media

Brian Barakauskas, Marketing

Lan Nguyen-Colgate, Marketing

Cynthia Corbitt, Event Advisor

Carolyn Vetter, Registration 

Mike Kramer, Venue Logistics

Aurora Chang, Scholarship Sponsors

Jeanie Bryant, Event Operations

April Hebner, Event Operations

Wendy Carlin, Event Committee

Doug Holmes, Event Committee

Susan Holmes, Event Committee

Sherrie Jones, Event Committee

Angela Katz, Event Committee

Claudio Maldonado, Event Committee

Mara Maldonado, Event Committee

Meg Roby, Event Committee

Guillermo Rougier, Event Committee

Michael Moo Young, Event Committee

Amanda Jessee, Volunteer Coordinator

Advisory Committee

Christy Byers, Festival Chair

Professional Dance Instructor, Blair’s Ballroom​

Dr. James Odell, Co-Chair
Louisville Naturopath-Acupuncturist

Cissy Musselman, Business & Funding Advisor
Insurance Executive

Ken Clay, Event Advisor
Louisville Entrepreneur, Producer, Author

Sarah Davasher-Wisdom, Business Advisor
Senior VP Greater Louisville, Inc. (GLI)


Larry Shapin, Business Advisor
Business owner, Realtor, Arts patron


Ladonna Nicolas, Advisor
Arts patron, Fine Arts Collector


Cynthia Corbitt, Event Advisor
Associate Professor of Biology, U of L


Michelle M Chalmers, Business Advisor
Business owner, Attorney


Claudio Maldonado, Advisor

Professor, U of L 

Guillermo Rougier, Ph.D, Advisor
Professor, Anatomical Sciences & Neurobiology, U of L


Scott Massey, Advisor
Professor Fine Arts, U of L, Sculptor


Issac Orwick 

Rodefer Moss and Co, CPS, PLLC Tax Advisor

Ed Hopson

Attorney, Funding Advisor

Micheal Shea

Government Strategies, Funding Advisor


Brian Barakauskas

Dance Instructor, Festival Promoter​​


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