2018 Vendors

​​If you would like to become a vendor for the 2019 Festival,

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Raquel Tango Shoes, by Diego Santana

The Finest Handmade Tango Shoes from Argentina





Mussa Collection

Sandra Angel brings original dance wear and unique imported shoes

Tango shoes from Italy (Mo&Co) and Colombia (D'Raso) for men and women, as we'll as one-of-a-kind tango clothes for women and for men.




Betsy Henderson Soft Chocolates
Clothes that melt around you, feel sensuous, and are characterized by lines that accentuate the dynamic curves of the female form.

Inspired by Argentine tango, seams flow and entwine. Fabrics rise and fall with your movement, extending your natural body lines. Asymmetry and intrigue are incorporated as well as stunning back focal points.



Hairstyle to Impress by Yana Elder

Yana will create iImpressive tango hairstyles with service at the Seelbach.

Appointments are for 30 minutes with service on Friday and Saturday between 5:00-9:00PM. Ribbons, Flowers, Glitter, and more are options. Book your appointment online at http://www.hairstyletoimpress.com




The Silver Lady

Imported silver jewelry personally selected from artisans in Mexico and Thailand. 

Unique fine jewelry and fun costume pieces to complete your tango look!




In Style

Apparel for Men

Featuring suits, shoes and fine accessories. Visit this iconic Louisville Men's Store, just a 3 minute stroll from the Seelbach. 




Advanced Massage Therapeutics

Rejuvenate after a long night and a long day with a deep massage

Located in the Seelbach Ballroom Lobby, inquire for rates




Mr Tango Shoes

​Fine Handmade Tango Shoes

A 30 years tradition making the best handmade Tango shoes in the world, we are a world-class quality reference, we are Mr Tango Shoes.