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Eleonora Kalganova

Eleonora Kalganova is a dance artist and teacher who focuses on exploring improvisation, flow, and communication as process and performance in Argentine tango. Growing up in post-Soviet Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Eleonora has been fortunate to extensively study, from an early age, many different and unique forms of dance: folk, ballroom, character, historic, ballet and modern. This combination — the remarkable and rare educational experience — formed Eleonora as a very special and distinct dance artist, tango dancer and improvisor. -  
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Oscar Casas​
Oscar has a distinct style both in his dance and his teaching. He is very milonguero, and is highly respected by the old guard in the milongas of Buenos Aires. He also is extremely popular with his students, who are impressed by his teaching style. He teaches with energy and humor, emphasizing concepts, specializing in improvisation always interpreting the music and respecting the character of the different orchestras. He is especially interested in the dynamics and cadencia of the dance. Everything he teaches is applicable to crowded milongas. -  
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Daniela Roig & Hernan Prieto​
Daniela & Hernan return to Louisville for their third year! They have been teaching and performing tango for more than 10 years. They were part of the exclusive staff of La Viruta (the most famous milonga in Buenos Aires), working together with some of the most well known Maestros.  As a result of these incredible and diverse experiences, they have developed their own unique style, which expresses their joy, appreciation, and true love for the tango. -  
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Diego Santana

Diego's creativity, extraordinary musicality and interpretation has lead him to become recognized as one of the great Uruguayan Tango exponents. His style shows an indescribable mix of both Traditional and Nuevo Tango. Diego is famous on the floor for his ingenious interpretation of the Milonga genre.  Learn More

Christy Byers & Andy Blair
Christy and Andy started Louisville's Argentine Tango Society over 18 years ago, and the local tango community continues to thrive, not only at 
Blair's Ballroom, but throughout Louisville's dance studios and venues. Andy and Christy are both accomplished teachers with years of accolades, awards, and a studio of championship dance students.  Learn more

Juliana Grossi

Juliana returns for the third year to the Louisville Tango Festival after an electric and passionate performance at our first festival. Don't miss her class on traditional folkloric dance!  Learn More


The Seelbach Hilton

Louisville's Grand Hotel, The Seelbach Hilton, is an elegant venue historic links to the past and modern amenities. All Festival events will take place at the hotel.  Learn more

Band & DJs

​Cuarteto Tanguero

Through their innovative look at classic tango artists and recordings, the members of Cuarteto Tanguero bring traditional tango to new audiences. With every recording and performance, they reach more listeners and inspire them to look at tango in new ways. Learn More

Rodrigo Saraibe, DJ Charrua Tango

Rodrigo has been working as a sound engineer, DJ, and stage manager since 1995, and has ample experience as a promoter of rock and Tango events and stage in Buenos Aires. As a native Uruguayan, Rodrigo began discovering his origins by exploring tango music. His passion for Tango music has lead him to acquire an extensively impressive collection of music. Rodrigo will also be presenting a DJ workshop during the Festival Learn More

DJ ​Hernan Prieto 
Hernan is in high-demand for festivals and tango marathons. Born in Buenos Aires amongst great deejays and dancers, he learned to replicate the Buenos Aires feeling in his milongas. He is very well renowned for the energy he gives when he deejays, becoming one of the highest rated deejays in North America.
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DJ Diego Santana 

Diego Santana strives to take dancers for a ride in which they experience moods from upbeat and fast to smooth or even sentimental and nostalgic. Diego plays a mix of traditional, nuevo, and alternative tango songs. He strongly believes that having a wide variety of music, with something for everyone, keeps dancers happy, inspired, and open to endless and exciting possibilities on the dance floor.  Learn More

DJ Jae Grisham
Jae is the founder of Tango Utopia in the greater Raleigh/Durham area.  She is recognized as one of the premier teachers, dancers and DJs as well as the organizer of the monthly Milonga Utopia and the weekly practicas. 
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DJ Dean Baumann
Dean first started dancing Ballroom and Swing in 1999 after his older brother recommended he try it. Three years later he went through DVIDA Instructor training in San Francisco where he learned Argentine Tango and became a staff instructor & DJ for the Metronome Ballroom. He DJs for milongas and festivals across the country.   
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If you would like to become a vendor for the Louisville Tango Festival, please Contact Us

Raquel Tango Shoes, by Diego Santana
The Finest Handmade Tango Shoes


Mussa Collection

Sandra Angel brings original dance wear and unique imported shoes. Tango shoes from Italy (Mo&Co) and Colombia (D'Raso) for men and women, as well as one-of-a-kind tango clothes for women and for men.


Mr Tango Shoes
Fine Handmade Tango Shoes. A 30 years tradition making the best handmade Tango shoes in the world, we are a world-class quality reference, we are Mr Tango Shoes. 

BeDazzled Ballroom & Tango Attire

Affordable dresses. for showcases, competitions, or other performances. All sizes and styles. 


Hairstyle to Impress

Yana will create iImpressive tango hairstyles with service at the Seelbach. Appointments are for 30 minutes with service on Friday and Saturday between 5:00-9:00PM. Ribbons, Flowers, Glitter, and more are options. Book your appointment online at http://www.hairstyletoimpress.com

Advanced Massage Therapeutics

Rejuvenate after a long night and a long day with a deep massage. Located in the Seelbach Ballroom Lobby, inquire for rates and times.


​Vendors will be listed as they are confirmed.