2018 Special Events & Milongas


Juliana Grossi Folklore Workshop

In the salons and dance halls of Buenos Aires you will dance not only tango, vals, and milonga, but also folk dances such as the chacarera, a traditional line dance. The chacarera will be danced by everyone during our evening milongas and you won't want to miss out on learning this fascinating dance. Join the engaging Juliana as she teaches this special dance workshop. 

Beginner Milonga Orientation
The basics of milonga etiquette, using the cabeceo to find a dance partner, the line of dance, tandas, and many other mysteries of tango will be revealed. If you've never attended a milonga or if you just want to brush up on the "rules, this workshop is for you.

Welcome Milonga


​Join DJ Diego for our first milonga of the Festival! This milonga will feature nuevo and traditional tango.

First Night Milonga
DJ Hernan kicks off the first of three late night milongas. Make new friends and rekindle old friendships. We'll have a full cash bar for your enjoyment as you dance the night away. 

​     Saturday

Afternoon Milonga and Jack & Jill Contest (note: rescheduled from Sunday)
DJ Dean will introduce new music as you explore dancing to blues, rock, jazz, and other forms of music not usually associated with tango, as well as tandas featuring the modern sounds of Tango Nuevo and traditional tango.

The Jack & Jill contest will last about 15 minutes and will begin at approximately 6:00. What is a Jack & Jill? A partner selected at random. An unknown song. Professionals judging and evaluating your performance. And at the end, two champions. Put your tango skills to the true test of dancing with a new partner in our Jack & Jill contest. In addition to the honor and glory, generous gift certificates for our vendors will be awarded to the best lead and follow. Learn More

The Showcase, Great Gatsby Milonga, and Cuarteto Tanguero Performance 
Come dressed in your finest attire from the Roaring 20s! The Seelbach was featured in F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel, The Great Gatsby. The Seelbach was also a featured location in the 2013 Hollywood blockbuster, The Great Gatsby starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan. The Seelbach is just the place where one might expect to see Jay and Daisy, and with one of the Great Gatsby's favorite hangouts, the Seelbach Bar, just off the lobby, who knows who you might encounter!

Our teachers will perform during the evening, and our live band Cuarteto Tanguero and DJ Rodrigo will play the tandas. We'll have a full cash bar for your enjoyment as you dance the night away. 


History of Tango Lecture, by Hernan


Hernan has an amazing knowledge of the history of tango and an engaging way of presenting it. Join his journey in the fun and engaging lecture. 

DJ Workshop, by Rodrigo
Join Rodrigo as he leads you from the history of tango to the use of modern DJ technology. Learn the creation of tandas and how to structure a milonga. $40, cash or check, paid at the workshop. Learn More

Afternoon Milonga


Dean will be our DJ for our final Afternoon Milonga. 


DJ Rodrigo is back to keep the tandas coming all night long!