2018 Schedule Details

(This schedule is NOT final. It is Under Construction!)

Three Days of Classes!  Learn from and be inspired by our teachers - the Best in Tango.

Six Milongas!  From traditional to fusion, our milongas will exhilarate and satisfy your need to dance.

Dancing Until The Wee Hours!  That's right - tango the night away (there's a reason why we have siestas in the schedule...)

Live Music!  ​Dancing to Live Music on Saturday Night

Guest DJs!  Our DJs will keep the party going all night long with nuanced tandas.

Great Gatsby Party!  Get your '20s on with this fun themed party from the Jazz Age. 

"Jack & Jill" Contest!  Enter and be paired with an unknown partner to prove your tango prowess to our teachers.

DJ Workshop by Rodrigo - Learn More

​​​           Learn More  about all the great things we have planned        

           We have fantastic teachers - Learn More


This schedule will be updated as additional information becomes available. 

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