Special Note: For a General Admission Ticket (non-dancing) to the Saturday Great Gatsby Milonga, Showcase, and Concert, click the Select Your Registration link at the bottom of this page. 

Full 3 Day Registration $TBA - (Price increases by $10 on  June 6)*

includes all LTF classes, milongas, practicas, the Showcase and the Cuarteto Tanguero Concert & Milonga.*


Single Day Registration: Friday or Sunday $TBA, Saturday $TBA (Prices increase by $10 on  June 6)*

includes all classes, milongas, and practicas for the chosen day. Saturday also includes the Showcase and the Cuarteto Tanguero Concert & Milonga.*


Individual Classes - $TBA (Price increases by $5 on  June 6)*
Allows for access to the venue for 15 minutes prior to and 15 minutes following the individual class. This can be combined with other registrations for additional access.* NOTE: You are not signing up for any specific class. Show up 15 minutes before the class you wish to join and show your PayPal email to the Registration Table. Individual Class Registrations may be limited based on total Full Registrations.


​All Milongas $TBA  (Price increases by $10 on  June 6)*

​Includes all scheduled milongas, all Showcases, and the Cuarteto Tanguero Concert & Milonga.*


Individual Milongas $TBA-$TBA (Prices increase by $5 on  June 6*

Friday (5:00-7:30), Saturday (4:30-7:30), and Sunday (4:30-7:30) Afternoon Milongas - $15 each - (Price increases by $5 on  June 6*

​Friday First Night Milonga  (9:30-4:00am) - $40 (Price increases by $5 on  June 6)*

​Saturday Great Gatsby Milonga, Showcase, and the Cuarteto Tanguero Concert  (9:30-4:00am) - $50 (Price increases by $5 on  June 6)*

Sunday "Milonga Until You Can NoLonga" Milonga (9:30-1:00am) - $40 (Price increases by $5 on  June 6)*


Full 3 Day Registration with Student Discount - $TBA  (Price increases by $10 on June 6)*
includes all LTF classes, milongas, practicas, the Showcase and the Cuarteto Tanguero Concert & Milonga.
In order to use the student discount you must be enrolled in a college or university or you must be a high school student. You must request to use this discount by using your school email account (including HS students) to contact Paul Downs at
paul.downs@LouisvilleTangoFestival.comOnce you have made the request you will receive information on how to receive the student discount.*

*DETAILS: Private lessons are not included with registration. Instructions on how to sign up for private lessons are available on the Teacher Page.  The DJ Workshop is not included with registration. Learn More about Rodrigo's DJ Workshop. Please register for all events ahead of time to save money and to allow us to prepare for your arrival. All onsite payments made to the Festival should be via credit card to ensure an efficient experience. Cash will be accepted. ALL Registrations on or after June 6 and ALL On-Site Registrations will be subject to a price increase. You MUST complete the Registration Form that follows the PayPal transaction to be registered for the Festival.

To reserve your spot for any of the LTF events, read the Registration information below

and click the Registration link at the bottom of the page.

2018 Registration Options

The Louisville Tango Festival offers several options for customizing your attendance experience. The best value will be Full Registration, but we know that circumstances and schedules sometime get in the way of what we love to do, and for that reason we also offer several A la carte options. These options will be available in April. After reviewing the registration options, scroll down, read the Registration Agreement, and click the Register link at the bottom of this page. 

We have special discounts for groups. Learn More

Full schedule, details, and times

Hotel Information

​Roommate and Ride Sharing

​Travel Information

Registration Agreement

Please read and agree to these Terms and Conditions

and then click the Registration link below:

Louisville Tango Festival Liability Waiver
By registering for the Louisville Tango Festival, the Registrant understands and agrees that participation in the Festival includes events and activities that are considered sport, involving physical activities and physical exertion. The Registrant declares to not have any physical condition that may aggravate the risk of injury due to intensive dancing or other physical exertion. The Registrant is solely responsible for their personal level of fitness and their ability to participate in all activities. Further, the Registrant understands that this style of dance (Argentine Tango) requires close physical contact and embrace with other participants including instructors and other registrants. The Registrant is voluntarily participating in this event with the full knowledge and understanding of the above. The Registrant releases Louisville Tango Festival LLC, its employees, agents, performers, teachers, volunteers, and guests from all claims, demands, fines, liabilities, costs, and damages which might arise from participation in this event.

Louisville Tango Festival Photograph and Video Release
By registering for the Louisville Tango Festival, the Registrant hereby grants permission to the Louisville Tango Festival to use any photos or videos taken of the Registrant during the Louisville Tango Festival for the use of promoting the Festival. The photos and videos may be posted on the internet, our web site, and/or on our social media sites (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) Photographs and videos from the Festival will not be sold, used for other commercial purposes, used in an unflattering manner, or used for any other purpose other than promotion of the Festival.

Privacy and Information Policy
The Louisville Tango Festival LLC is the sole owner and guardian of the information collected from the Registrant through the registration process, email, other forms of communication, and while the Registrant is participating at the Festival. The Festival will collect information required for registration that the Registrant voluntarily submits to the Festival. The Festival will not sell or rent this information to any other group, individual, or organization. The Festival may use a Registrant’s personal information to contact the Registrant concerning future Louisville Tango Festival events and activities. The Registrant may request that the Festival delete all personal information after the conclusion of the Festival for which the Registrant attended and that the Festival not use this information to contact them in the future.

Refunds, Cancellations, and Changes

Requests for refunds prior to May 10, 2019, will be honored at one-half the original price of the registration. No refunds will be given on or after May 10, 2019. Once the Festival begins, registrations are non-transferable. However, if a registration is sold or given to another party prior to June 5, 2018, the LTF will honor that transfer. To transfer a registration, simply send the name, email, street address, and phone of the person(s) to whom the registration was sold and we will make the change on our records. No transfers may be made after June 5, 2019.

The Festival reserves the right to make changes to and manage the festival as the need arises, including, but not limited to: illness, acts of nature, human failure, or unforeseen errors and events. The Festival reserves the right to change scheduling, venue, or instructors as needed. The Louisville Tango Festival LLC will make changes only when absolutely necessary after all other remedies have been exhausted. The Festival promises to present the finest program to all Registrants to the very best of its ability.

By clicking the Registration link you are agreeing to all of the above terms and conditions without reservation. Make sure you understand the refund policy.

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