​​​Juliana Grossi


Julian returns to the Louisville Tango Festival for her 4th year with an electric and passionate performance. Don't miss her class on traditional folkloric dance! Learn more

"My relationship to Argentine folklore has existed since childhood. For many years I took classes at the local school in my hometown, Villa del Rosario (Córdoba), with prominent teachers, and participated in several regional shows.

In 2002, after having moved to the U.S., I discovered flamenco thanks to the inspiration of Mara Maldonado, who led at the time the Academy of Ballet Español. Today I am part of the "Academy of Flamenco Arts", where I teach and dance professionally.

My Argentine roots and my passion for dancing have rekindled my love for Argentine folklore. For this reason, I continued learning on my last two trips to Argentina and I have also participated in the WorldFest of Louisville, KY, one of the more important multicultural events in the city."