Glamour and Elegance in the

Age of Gatsby

In the 1920s, Prohibition contributed to the wealth of underworld kingpins who were drawn to the most glamorous spots for cards and leisure. The Seelbach certainly saw its share.

As the grandest hotel in Louisville and the center of Kentucky's bourbon and whiskey country, The Seelbach attracted some of the most famous gangsters. Notorious figures included Al Capone, Lucky Luciano, George Remus, and Dutch Schultz – known as the "Beer Baron of the Bronx."

The King of the Bootleggers - George Remus, a Cincinnati mobster who would spend time at The Seelbach, got rich running whiskey northward during Prohibition. F. Scott Fitzgerald, who visited The Seelbach for bourbon and cigars, was taken with the charismatic Remus. In fact, Remus became the inspiration for the title character Jay Gatsby in "The Great Gatsby." 

Fitzgerald's experiences in The Seelbach's elegant rooms inspired him to use the hotel as a model during the writing of "The Great Gatsby." As the premier Louisville hotel, debutantes of upper-class society often "came out" on the top floor ballroom, throwing grand galas, similar to the parties in Fitzgerald's classic 1920s novel. Fitzgerald chose the Grand Ballroom at The Seelbach as the backdrop for Tom and Daisy Buchanan's wedding reception in his American masterpiece. The 2013 Hollywood blockbuster, The Great Gatsby, was filmed at the Seelbach.

Al Capone, probably the most legendary gangster of the 1920s, used to visit The Seelbach frequently for blackjack, poker and bootlegging. Today, you can dine in a small alcove in The Oakroom where Capone would play cards. The famous gangster even sent a large mirror from Chicago, still in the room today, so that he could watch his back. Capone's favorite room also has two hidden doors behind special panels, leading to secret passageways.

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The Seelbach Hilton is a historic grand hotel in the heart of Louisville. All LTF events will take place at the Seelbach, including all milongas, classes, and lessons.  


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​Getting around town from the Seelbach is easy, with taxis and busses always near by. The Seelbach also offers an airport shuttle from 6:00am until midnight. Call (502) 585-3200 for shuttle details. 

Parking - The Seelbach Parking Garage is located at 523 S 5th Street. Parking at the Seelbach is at a premium and there is no discounted parking rate. Review the parking information found in the link that follows to find the best parking solution for you. Zoom in on the corner of 4th and Muhammad Ali to find your best parking option.

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From the Louisville International Airport - Take Interstate 65 North to the Muhammad Ali Boulevard Exit. Travel five blocks and turn left on Fourth Street. The Seelbach is on your right.
From Interstate 65 Northbound - Take the Muhammad Ali Boulevard Exit (Exit 136c) and travel five blocks to Fourth Street. Turn left on Fourth Street. The Seelbach is on your right.
From Interstate 65 Southbound - Take the Jefferson Street Exit (Exit 136c) and travel one block to First Street. Turn left on First Street, go two blocks, and then turn right on Muhammad Ali Boulevard. Drive four blocks on Muhammad Ali and then turn left on Fourth Street. The Seelbach will be on your right.
From Interstate 64 Westbound - Take the Third Street Exit (Exit 5b) and travel six blocks on Third Street** to Muhammad Ali Boulevard. Turn right on Muhammad Ali, go one block, and then turn left on Fourth Street. The Seelbach will be on your right.
From Interstate 64 Eastbound - Take the Ninth Street Exit (Exit 4) and travel four blocks to Liberty Street. Turn left on Liberty, continue on for six blocks, and then turn right on Third Street. Drive one block and then turn right on Muhammad Ali Boulevard. Go one more block and then turn left on Fourth Street. The Seelbach will be on your right.​

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**If Third Street is blocked due to construction at Market Street, turn left on Liberty Street and then turn right on Second Street, continue three blocks, and turn right on Muhammad Ali Boulevard. Go two blocks to Fourth Street and turn left. The hotel will be on your right. The City is also in the process of changing some one-way streets to two-way streets. GPS directions may not be correct.