Diego Santana

Diego Santana's creativity, extraordinary musicality and interpretation has lead him to become recognized as one of the great Uruguayan Tango exponents. His style shows an indescribable mix of both Traditional and Nuevo Tango. Diego is famous on the floor for his ingenious interpretation of the Milonga genre.

As a DJ, Diego strives to take dancers for a ride in which they experience moods from upbeat and fast to smooth or even sentimental and nostalgic. Diego plays a mix of traditional, nuevo, and alternative tango songs. He strongly believes that having a wide variety of music, with something for everyone, keeps dancers happy, inspired, and open to endless and exciting possibilities on the dance floor. 

He has been a featured DJ at the Chicago Mini Tango festival and the Albany Tango Society, among others. He hosts Diego's Milonga in Miami, and Siga la Vaca Milonga, Mi Milonga, Tapas y Tintos Milonga, Trouville Milonga, and Milangas Milonga.

Diego has been working as a teacher, choreographer, and performer for more than 13 years.