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​2019 Committee

Event Planning Committee 
Christy Byers, Operations
Paul Downs, Production

Steven Russell, Treasurer

Ed Hopson, Sponsorships

Michael Shea, Sponsorships

Aurora Chang, Scholarship Donors

Marion Webb, Social Media

Cynthia Corbitt, Event Advisor

​Carolyn Vetter, Registration 

Doug Holmes, Registration

Mike Kramer, Venue Logistics

James Odell, Venue Logistics

Sherrie Jones, Event Committee

Wendy Carlin, Event Committee

Michael Moo Young, Event Committee

Angela Katz, Event Committee

Meg Roby, Event Committee

Mara Maldonado, Event Committee

Claudio Maldonado, Event Committee

Susan Holmes, Event Committee

Advisory Committee
Christy Byers, Festival Chairman

Professional Dance Instructor, Blair’s Ballroom

Paul Downs, Festival Assistant Chairman

Educator, Information Technology Consultant

Cissy Musselman, Business & Funding Advisor
Insurance Executive
Ken Clay, Event Advisor
Louisville Entrepreneur, Producer, Author
Sarah Davasher-Wisdom, Business Advisor
Senior VP Greater Louisville, Inc. (GLI)
Larry Shapin, Business Advisor
Business owner, Realtor, Arts patron
Ladonna Nicolas, Advisor
Arts patron, Fine Arts Collector

Cynthia Corbitt, Event Advisor
Associate Professor of Biology, U of L
Michelle M Chalmers, Business Advisor
Business owner, Attorney
Claudio Maldonado, Advisor

Professor, UofL 
Guillermo Rougier, Ph.D, Advisor
Professor, Anatomical Sciences & Neurobiology, UofL
Dr. James O’Dell. Business Advisor
Louisville Naturopath-Acupuncturist
Scott Massey, Advisor
Professor Fine Arts, U of L, Sculptor

Issac Orwick

Rodefer Moss and Co, CPS, PLLC Tax Advisor
Ed Hopson

Attorney , Funding Advisor
Micheal Shea

Government Strategies, Funding Advisor

Brian Barakauskas

Dance Instructor, Festival Promoter

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Louisville Tango Festival

Christy Byers, Chair

Paul Downs, Assistant Chair


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The Louisville Tango Festival is held at the 

Seelbach Hilton 

500 S 4th Street

Louisville KY 40202